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    Authorized by Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai Jiuding Pawn Co., Ltd. (Jiuding Pawn)was established in August 2013. Jiuding Pawn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of RMB 30,000,000 yuan.
    Taking advantages of shareholder’s financial strength, brand advantages, talent pool and service network, and maintaining the management concepts of credibility,long-terming, convience and serving for public, Onlly Jiuding Pawn, as an important platform of Jiaoda Onlly’s financial system, will provide comprehensive finance services to those small and micro enterprises and individual clients, meet the customer’s demands of capital and develop ourselves at the same time.
    See:/pawn for details.
    Jiaoda Onlly (600530) has 100% equity of the  Shanghai Jiuding Pawn Co., Ltd.  

         Shanghai Xuhui Onlly Micro-credit Co., Ltd., whose principle sponsor is Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co., Ltd., is authorized by the Shanghai Municipal Finance Service Office. It was registered in November 2012 with a register capital of RMB 150,000,000 yuan. After the opening on 5th February 2013, the company has been in a steady development, smooth progress and better operating.
         Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co., Ltd. is a listed company (Stock Code:600530), major in the health-care food, the financial  investment and real eatate. From the pioneering stage, it has begun to involve in financial industry by investing Guotai Junan Securities, Industrial Securities, Bank of Communications and so on. In 2012, the micro credit was decided to be the new breakthrough of the financial industry by the board of directors.
         Shanghai Xuhui Onlly Micro-credit Co., Ltd. mainly provides financial services to the science and technology oriented small and medium enterprises and the start-up enterprises supported by the district government in Xuhui District. Basing on the intention of standard, professional, pragmatic and efficient, and the business philosophy of developing with the customers together, the company will help the clients to deal with various financial problems according to the clients’ requirements to make a loan portfolio with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. In order to make contributions to  prosperity and development of the regional economic, we hope to cooperate with you.
        Jiaoda Onlly (600530) has  30% equity of Shanghai Xuhui Onlly Micro-credit Co., Ltd.

      Beijing Gingko Group Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (BGG) is a production-oriented Chinese enterprise which specialized in the
manufacture of plant extracts for industries of medicine, health-care products, foods, cosmetics, etc. Main products of BGG include 
Licorice extracts, cowberry, Ginkgo flavone, soybean isoflavone, natural vitamin E, ginseng, green tea, immature bitter orange, lipophylic
products, TCM compound prescriptions, standard reference materials for natural products, etc. By integrating the scientific research,
production, international trade and development of new technologies, as well as fully combining the research of plants’ effective
components, the extracting technology and the modern techniques, BGG provides natural healthy products for industries 
     of pharmacy, health-care product, healthy foods, cosmetics and tobacco.
     See for details.
     Jiaoda Onlly (600530) has 2.62% equity of BGG.

     Shanghai Novanat Bioresources Co., Ltd. (Novanat) is a high-tech company which specializes in the development of natural biological resources. The registered capital of this company is RMB 156,000,000 yuan. With its headquarters located in Shanghai, this company has a production base in Changsha and sales offices in UK and US.
     By using natural plants as the raw material, adopting modern high technologies combined with the traditional Chinese health theory, Novanat provides superior natural organic products and one-stop technical services for industries involved in natural medicine, functional food, food additives, natural cosmetics, essence and flavors.
     Novanat has a first-class technical and management team with state-of-the-art production equipments, precise technical methods and advanced analytical instruments, and meanwhile Novanat provides a favorable environment for the research and development. Novanat implements the QC process of product and service quality according to standards of ISO9001:2000, cGMP, HACCP, etc. With an annual capacity of over 1,200 tons and an ability of extracting more than 400 kinds of functional components, Novanat mainly produces Tea Extracts, Artemisinin, Herbal Tea Concentrate, Chrysanthemum Extracts, Probiotics, and so on, and the relevant production technologies and quality are at the leading position in the world.
     See: for details.
     Jiaoda Onlly (600530) has 100% equity of the Shanghai Novanat Bioresources Co., Ltd.

         The Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. is a nationwide innovation-type securities company and a securities company of Class A, Category A approved by the Chinas Securities Regulatory Commission. The predecessor of the Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. is the Fujian Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. On Dec. 24, 2008, the company entitled 447,000,000 bonus shares to all its shareholders via the mode of undistributed profit transferred to paid-in capital and hence increased the equity of RMB 447,000,000 yuan and changed registered capital to RMB 1,937,000,000 yuan. On June 25, 2010, the Industrial Securities published a prospectus and issued 263,000,000 A Class shares via the IPO, which took 11.96% of the enlarged equity. After the issuing, the total equity of the Industrial Securities was 2,200,000,000 shares. On Oct. 13, 2010, the Industrial Securities (601377) went public in the Shanghai Securities Exchange and turned into the 14th public securities company of China.   
        See: for details.
        Jiaoda Onlly (600530) has 67,600,000 shares of the Industrial Securities Co., Ltd., which takes 3.49% of the total equity before the going-public of that company.

        Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. ( GTJA ) was founded on August 18th 1999, through the merger of former Guotai Securities Co., Ltd. and Junan Securities Co., Ltd. and additional stock issue. Registered capital of GTJA is RMB 4.7 billion, and the three biggest shareholders of GTJA are Shanghai State-owned Asset Management Co., Ltd., Central Huijin Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Investment Holdings Corp. With 3 subsidiaries, 5 branches, 23 regional marketing headquarters and 113 business offices covering 28 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities under the direct administration of State Government and special administrative region all over China, GTJA is one of the largest securities companies in China in terms of company size, business scope and geographical coverage.

        See: for details.

        Jiaoda Onlly (600530) has 2085.411 shares of the Industrial Securities Co., Ltd., which takes 0.4437% of the total equity before the going-public of that company.

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